At Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School Caringbah, students have an active voice within the school and wider community. The student leaders and Student Representative Council members are actively actively involved at school assemblies and Liturgies promoting the Mercy and Gospel values. Whole school annual events include National Reconciliation Week, National Safety Week, Clean Up Australia, Minnie Vinnies, Peer Support, War on Waste, National Well Being and Catholic Schools Week in which students across the school promote and actively support reflecting our school motto, ‘To Love and Serve Under Your Protection’ in a faith filled community.

Student leadership at Our Lady of Fatima builds positive self-concepts and relationships and provides opportunities for students to develop their individual capacity to lead and influence others in a responsible way. Student Leadership  involves the annual election of school captains and sports captains in addition to all of the Year Six students being assigned the role of ‘student leader’ across various areas to foster a sense of community, school vision and purpose related to the Mercy and Gospel values.  These leadership domains include: Faith and Community, Pastoral Care, Social Justice, Hospitality, Media and Environment.

Students at Our Lady of Fatima actively provide student voice throughout the school year via online educational surveys and collaborative teacher, peer feedback opportunities providing rich informative feedback to inform future teaching and learning activities.