At Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School Caringbah, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Mrs Sue Clay
Mrs Sue ClayPrincipal
I am committed to our school providing a rich and diverse educational experience that promotes engagement, equity and excellence.

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Mrs Louise Gordon
Mrs Louise GordonAssistant Principal & Newman Coordinator
As an educational leader, I am in a privileged position to open hearts and minds, through quality teaching and rich learning experiences.
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Mrs Cheryl Ross
Mrs Cheryl RossReligious Education Coordinator
Guided by their faith in Christ, I inspire my students to work collaboratively and share their unique gifts with others.
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Mrs Joanne Ford
Mrs Joanne FordInstructional Specialist
I believe that creativity and innovation can enhance engagement, motivation, academic outcomes, self-efficacy and well-being.
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Mrs Marnie Stuart
Mrs Marnie StuartMathematics Coordinator
As an educator, I am passionate about fostering children’s growth using the latest teaching pedagogies and technology, founded on quality research.
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Mrs Melissa Hunter
Mrs Melissa HunterEnglish Coordinator
Teaching gives me the opportunity to engage with students and make a difference in many lives.
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Mrs Lisa Mann
Mrs Lisa MannWellbeing Coordinator
I strive to provide leadership across the whole school that places student wellbeing at the heart of what we do.
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Teacher Miss Hayley Wilson
Teacher Mrs Melissa Hunter
Teacher Mrs Monica Da Silva
Teacher Mrs Danielle Suttor
Teacher Mrs Tracey Carnegie
Teacher Miss Holly Pooley
Teacher Miss Dominique Vuaran
Teacher Mrs Nicole Pyne
Teacher Mrs Gabrielle Devine
Teacher Mrs Lauren Govers
Teacher Mrs Katrina Hedges
Teacher Mrs Alison Bofinger
Teacher Miss Taylar Puskaric
Teacher Miss Kathleen Kennedy
Teacher Mr Thomas Gair
Teacher Mr Michael Faber
Teacher Mrs Margaret McCarthy
Teacher Mrs Lisa Mann
Teacher Mrs Chonteau Poot
Teacher Miss Chloe Tozer
Teacher Mrs Marnie Stuart
Teacher Mrs Desiree Djundja
Teacher Mrs Amanda Stewart
Teacher Mrs Erin Wing
Teacher Mrs Cheryl Ross
Teacher Mrs Drazena Prsa
Teacher Miss Tayla Ingram
Diverse Learning:
Special Needs Teacher
Ms Janelle Schembri
Diverse Learning:
Newman Teacher
Mrs Clare Pisani
Diverse Learning:
Newman Teacher
Mrs Kimberley Noonan
Family Educator Mrs Tracey Bowler
Specialist Sport Teacher Miss Belle Reid
Specialist Music Teacher  Mr Ethan Parlato
Reading Recovery Teacher Mrs Jane Clifford
Finance and Administration Mrs Frances Agostinis
Administrative Support Mrs Jennie Rogers
Administrative Support Mrs Sharon Kibby
Learning Support Officer Mrs Julie Howell
Learning Support Officer Mrs Natalie Stibbard
Learning Support Officer Mrs Rhiannon Cridland Blacklock
Learning Support Officer Mrs Christine Walkerden
Learning Support Officer Mrs Aleta Kassianou
Learning Support Officer Mrs Amy Palmer
Learning Support Officer Mrs Melanie Ridout
Learning Support Officer Miss Bailey Thomson
Learning Support Officer Mrs Joanne Stephenson
Learning Support Officer Mrs Rebecca Teaupa
Learning Support Officer Mr Brenden Price
Learning Support Officer Mrs Stephanie Heighes